Bob Henderson

Myles Cooper

Now, we don't want to alarm you, but we think one of these men might be a homosexual...

It's got to be the one in the blue jumper, right?

Now, they've got a song and a video, but before you watch it, you might wanna turn down the colour contrast on your screen:

Trippy huh? Kinda like a white gay version of Boy George. Oh, wait...

His backing choir includes Hunx from Hunx & His Punx, who incidentally are doing a UK tour in April. They're working on a duet together, which should make a lovely mash up of Hunx-y punk and Myles' reggae pop.

Myles also told us "I am working on an album right now, but would like first to release a few singles including Gonna Find Boyfriends Today with an extended mix, Spanish version and a secret B side."

Not to secret now. He also signs off all his emails with 'I Love You' but we've heard that one before...

Yes, there is a myspace.

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