Bob Henderson


Warning: Severe Uncritical Gushing Ahoy.

Last night we went to see Mika play a little concert at the Hammersmith Apolo. There was a massive mum quota, not as many gays as you'd think and as many, if not more, teenage girls than you could shake a claires accessories bopper alice band at. The girl next to us in a sequined jacket (jealous) wouldn't stop screeching I LOVE YOU MIKA!!!!!

We screamed louder, obviously.

Aside the sheer number of pop classics - which we'd forgotten just how many he'd done - the show was proper tits out good, the main set being topped and tailed with his best songs, Rain and Relax. There was a glitter cannon (take that Ke$ha), an inflatable leg, balloons, a broken mirror piano, snow (SNOW!), mexican death masks on a team of female dancers, stage hands in prison garb, some kind of dodgy school boy motif, the most amazing afro'd drummer evah and other stuff we can't remember because we were screaming.

It also give us the opportunity to re-watch this totes amazz video of le Mik in his grundies.

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