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Last night we went to church. No, really.

Under the ruse of a single launch, hot new 20-piece-all-girl-choir Gaggle did a gig in a church. Gigs in churches are always amazing, because regardless of content there seems something a bit blasphemous about pulling up a pew and having a good old chin stroke at some avante garde indie music.

Leaving the sacred lands of Soho and making our pilgrimage to St Giles Church, Gaggle took centre stage looking like they were extras queuing for the How Do We Replace A Girl Like Bjork? Auditions, resplendent in gaudy tribal outfits, arbitrary pom-poms, wig pieces and fake flowers. In short, they looked fantastic.

You may have spotted them grazing the lower echelons of NME’s Cool List last year, a place well deserved. Gaggle are more than just a novelty, taking the traditional format of a choir and shaking it up with some Shoreditch cool, a clubbier-cum-punk soundtrack and lyrics that you would expect to hear on a Ke$ha record.

Their only a cappella song was easily one of their best, not only for the amusingly lyrics about murdering lying men but because the vocals soared and filled the congregation of their fans (there was a lot of ecstatic whooping for a group so young). Elsewhere they managed to pull apart and reconstruct a song by Marina and The Diamonds, which gave the girls obvious pleasure. A testament to their punkier roots came in their last song, where the group chant “I like cigarettes, I like guitars, I like Nicotine patches even more”. Amazz.

Oh yeah, the single launch. It’s for I Hear Flies, find out more at their Gagglespace.

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