Bob Henderson

The Magnetic Fields / Chihuahua Trend Update

Say "hello" to Irving.


That's the name of Stephin Merrit's super cute Chihuahua. Much like the super cute Bruiser who features on page 18 of the new GT, and the one Samuel Hextall held on our January issue naked shoot. Three is officially a trend. We want one biked to the office on monday morning, ta.

Equally exciting is the prospect of this documentary about The Magnetic Fields - we'd explain it but the trailer does quite a good job in itself. We've interviewed Stephin in the latest issue of GT which is out now (one with three Being Humans in a bed on the cover). We've also interviewed Claudia Gonson for our sisters at DIVA magazine which'll hit the shops next week. It's not like we have an unhealthy obsession with the magnetic fields, but you might find us dropping by their barbican date in March.

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