Bob Henderson

Abbaworld: The Premiere.

It's about time for our Arrival

So here's the deal - we're going to spare you the details about free booze, celebrity spotting (Boy George, Michael Ball, Brian Friedman who was looking totally hot) and bad Abba puns ("Voulez-Vonts") because Abbaworld is all about the interaction.

First of all you get a photo taken, so every time you swipe into one of the games, quizes or dance prancey things, your mug will flash up. Makes sure it's a good un. In fact, the second traumatic thing you're faced with is having to choose your favourite member of Abba. I panic chose Frida for the red locks, but now I'm not so sure. She was looking well young last night, in a Cyndi Lauper kinda way.

Anyway, back to the investigative journalism: Everyone was going crazy for the bit where you get to dance with a holographic version of the band. Here is our woeful attempt.

The easily overlooked but actually brilliant part was this video, where you get to pretend to be Deee-lite. Sorry, Mini Viva. Or something.

In short, the frocks are amazing, you get to sit in the chopper featured on the Arrival cover and you can mix an Abba song (we 77% on that one, which is considerably more than we got on any of other the quizzes, even at rookie level).

Abba-solutely brilliant, Abba-mazing, Abba crombie & fitch, etc.

P.S. we want the black retro t-shirt with abba photo in XL. ta.

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Who's that old woman on the top right?

Added by MDK

27/01/2010 13:54:53