Valentine’s Day Single?

Fear not, dancing alone never sounded so chic

If music is the food of love then we encourage you to gorge yourself silly this Valentine’s Day with a bangin track from Dandy Andy featuring Carmen Castro. “My Lonely Valentine” won’t make you a candlelight dinner or buy you a sex toy, but it will dissolve any of your romance-anxt and make you wonder why you’d go to all that effort in the first place.

Defiant lyrics (“cocktails for one/ just keep ‘em coming till they blur my sight”) and fierce pop beats load it with enough ironic empowerment to make even the most hardened cynics start dancing and believe they’ll love again someday (Well, perhaps just the former).

Don't let the name put you off. Dandy Andy is a slice of the revered French dance scene (think Daft Punk, Ed Banger and Sebastien Tellier), and like his electro contemporaries is annoyingly elusive. Carmen Castro is another dark horse we know nothing about bar the fact she’s a Brooklyn-based MC and vocalist that featured last year on the Mr. Oizo track “Two Takes It”.

So if you are alone on Valentine's Day, don't be lonely and hide in a dark room with Tesco vodka, playing Whitney on repeat. Or if you do, at least add a mixer and crank this up instead.

Words: Oliver Balcazar

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