Darren Scott / Editor

*NOW* we're interested in this whole Christmas number one thing...

We couldn't really give a beggars toss who's the Christmas number one (if it's not the Spice Girls) but this caught our eye...

For anyone not paying attention at the back... Someone started an internet campaign yadda yadda yadda, stop the X Factor single getting to number one ra ra ra, Rage Against The Machine GaGa ooh la la.

Like we said, we don't actually *care* but when some soul goes to the effort of digitally manipulating the X Factor contestants (featuring Susan Boyle) to 'sing' Killing In The Name Of, we feel it's our journalistic duty to bring it to your attention. Just like The Sun felt it was theirs to tell you that X Factor winner Joe is "straight and single". It's all newsworthy, right?

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