Bob Henderson

Hot shot of boy on bed in briefs

is unfortunately accompanied by terrible Christmas song

On a matter of principle we've been ignoring any emails that have the word Christmas in them, unless it's immediately followed by the words Party or Drinks. If it mentions anything about Singles or Number One, it immediate gets moved into trash and we consider blocking the sender.

One such offender arrived this arvo. Though there were pictures taken by a gay Irish photographer Levi Miller, so we took a peek and weren't disappointed - the loveliest of which is shown above. No Christmas, just a selection of pants drying on a radiator and skinny boy. Apparently this is JW, we don't know much about him, but he's been in a Jean Genet play, so we'd have something to talk about...

Then we made the mistake of listening to the song. Click on that link if you like, but be warned: There is the use of the word "Chavalicious".

The video was made on £20. Frankly, they were robbed.

The only redeeming feature about this song is that, with some major structural and lyrical reworking, a slight toning down of the rave synth and you'd have a perfectly lovely Saint Etienne song.

Now, is Christmas over yet? Please?

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