Bob Henderson


Lets hope Stacey gets a pizza the action.

Sorry. Couldn't help ourselves.

That Staceyohmygodijustcantbelieveitinnitnarf!Solomon has a pizza named after her, in Dagenham. That's all one can ever aspire to - ours would have a diced McChicken Legend on top, with three variety of cheeses on it, maybe an egg.

Back to the show - we don't care if it's all decided that Joe has won (he deserves it, but should probably just have a career on the West End stage) and "I'd Do Im" Olly will hopefully come last (back to telesales for you), deep in our hearts we want Stacey to win. Every time she opens her mouth, out pours comedy gold. She has made an otherwise dull - gossip aside - karaoke telly competition absolutely compulsive viewing this year, and for that reason alone should win.

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