Bob Henderson

Heads We Dance

Caution: please take care on the stairs.

Or you might end up with broken heels, and then what the Alexandra Burke are you going to do?

We've been waiting to write something on Heads We Dance for what feels like years now, after buying (buying!) the vinyl (vinyl!) single of Love In The Digital Age, which is a damn near perfect electro pop single and could've been written about Gaydar. They've had an album, and a string of singles since that time, something something Little Boots, and here we are with another single. It's called Take My Picture.

We know what you're thinking, how annoying it is when a hot boy in shades follows you round with a Super 8 Camera (Super 8mm Camera!). Admittedly, the video is more Netto than Marks & Spencer, but it's essentially a Britney Demo waiting to have millions of pounds spunked over it to become a hit single.

What about the Gaga-Wah-Wah? The 'Strike That Pose' Madonna bit? The "Hey Sexy" style Sugababes bit? No? Well we still love Every Single Version of Love In The Digital Age.

Heads We Dance single 'Take My Picture' out 14th December (this monday) on Gash Digital. More gubbins on their myspace.

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