Bob Henderson

Let me hear your body talk, your body talk…

It says, “Let me go back to sleep”.

First thing, Coleen Nolan has a new 80s styled fitness DVD called Let’s Get Physical. Second thing, this sent us on a youtubing mission of Olivia Newton John amazingness. Unfortunately the video for Physical has had its embedding disabled, so let’s all sit down and watch Xandu instead.


Now, back to Physical. We totally forgot that Olivia Newton John spends the whole video terrorising fatties. Even though the song is about have a good old rut on a first date. Of course, in the video the hot buff ones turn out to be gay. Meanwhile back in the real world, the more elderly gays in the office are considering buying this old lady aerobics DVD. Just for the soundtrack, to sit and watch it with a pizza/bottle of vodka, criticising the leotards and playing spot the cameltoe.

The DVD “Coleen Nolan’s Let’s Get Physical” is out 28th December, three handy days after Santa's Birthday.

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