Bob Henderson

Gays on Wheels

in Vauxhall of all places.

Our legs are aching and we can barely walk. And it's not down to some Patrick Strudwick sexcapade.

We went roller skating at Gay City Rollers, and though it's no secret we own the kit, we haven't actually hit a rink since I Should Be So Lucky came out. It's actually not that difficult and there are plenty of equally bad skaters and lots of handrails - a friend of ours neglected to mention that he'd represented his country as an international rollerskating champion and did ice skating at the gay games, so there are a few show offs pirouetting about, but generally the atmosphere is total amateur.

The music is pop trash & disco, quite a few people make the effort to dress up, hot pants and leg warmers are common place and even the less flashy managed to put on a Xanadu t-shirt. As a gay roller disco, people are intently trying to stay upright rather than be obvious about cruising, though you're handed an instant chat up line on a plate - simply "accidentally" roll into the object of your affection, grab hold of them, apologise... ice broken, jobs a good un.

If you want to go, it's at the Renaissance Rooms, details of the next party on 16th December is over here. See you there...

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