Bob Henderson

Ellie Goulding

Standing room only at Cargo, for her first ever London show.

So, last night... (as an aside, it feels like an ages since we last said that) we saw Ellie Goulding. Nice hair - not too over the top Xfactor judge, but certainly not your average girl popped out to Tescos.

Of course, this is not about hair or sequin tops (want) but all about the music. She's one of these obscenely talented songwriter musicians with the voice of an angel types, who would be really annoying if she was rubbish. But she's not. There's that Kate Bush vocal kink that unfortunately brings up a vivd image of Diana Vickers, but there's no claw and some solid pop tunes. It's on the frothiest, acoustic end of electro, with a kind of potential to be massive single or close the credits for a hit TV show.

She's not exactly a talker, and could do with a bit more oompf in the onstage banter department so if you want to heckle her so she can get some practice in, Goulding is currently supporting Little Boots and Passion Pit on various tours. Which is actually a near perfect description of where she would sit in your record collection.

Here's her new video, not so much a pass-the-poppers one, but a get-my-cardy-I'll-make-the-tea sort of thing.

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