Take a drag performer, two cabaret stars, a mad actor and what do you have?

Why, it’s a Festive Happening (which may or may not be relevant to your own beliefs).

Yes, the brackets are in the full title. Jonny Woo, Bourgeois & Maurice and Scottee, respectively, are coming together for three nights of madness beyond belief.

Johnny is a fan big colours, big hair and big wigs and he’s from Shoreditch.

Bourgeois & Maurice can bring magic to the ears of listeners with two stunning voices, a piano and hilarious lyrics: “Another pin up into my skin, it’s so liberating, let’s get painting.” From a song called “Little Pins.”

Scottee likes piss, vulgarity, vomit and mess. People are confused by him. People think he’s peculiar. But they love him, even Kelly Osbourne said so.

So get down to the RVT from 2-4 December for a mass mix-up of festive frolics. Dress up as mad as you like, if you think you can match their flamboyant outrageous outfits and know this is going to be one night you won’t forget in a very long time.

Just imagine them ringing out in a chorus, singing the Sugababes “Let’s Get Sexy” tune. OK, perhaps not, but who knows what these lot will come out with when they are let loose.

Words: Louise Disney

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