Bob Henderson

Q:Pitch at Barden's Boudoir

Scott Matthew, Dog of Heart, The Gadsdens

Q:Pitch is a queer promotional organisation with their sights on promoting new queer talent. We were obviously down there for a pint and a peek at some newies and old favourites....

The Gadsdens opened, doing a stripped down acoustic set (poor drummer bashing his hands on a box) of their melodic indie tunes. They sound like a million different female singer-songwriters without us being able to describe one single one, but with the added bonus of being made up of three hot gays and a straight sympathiser. Watch this space.

Dog of Heart, who we've loved before, did a particularly depressing cover of Don't You Want Me? by The Human League, which ended aptly enough in howling. Still love their rousing song, Mean Daddy Fuckers.

Scott Matthew, who we've loved before came on last, armed with nothing but a Ukulele and the cute cellist Sam. As beautiful and heartbreaking as ever.

We would've gone into a bit more detail as it was a great night, but to be honest, we've got a train to catch.

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