Bob Henderson

Sister Act

There is a big rotating jesus-as-a-mirrorball. *checks Ikea catalogue*

We'll be honest readers, you're not going to have an epiphany watching the musical version of Sister Act. But then musicals should be a form of escapism, and last night we were kind of pre-occupied with various boring trivial things which within 10 minutes had completely vanished from our minds. This musical is just the right pace to not get boring, yet not fast enough to have to think too hard about the plot or what might happen next. It's all sign-posted nicely so you can sit back and enjoy the ride; the oldest nun, who barks every line and does impeccable comedic granny dancing is a particular treat.

The humour is all very mild, euphemistically sexual and family friendly - perfect if the 'rents are down and you don't want to over gay them with Priscilla or any number of men-in-frocks that are dominating the West End at the moment.

To make sure you don't leave feeling short changed, the last song is glamour-excess-amazing. On the way out we passed a fabric shop and started drooling at the reams of sequin fabric. We're seriously considering re-investing in a wardrobe full of it.

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