Bob Henderson

Reveal Magazine 5th Birthday

3 of our favourite things: Cake. Booze & Big Brother contestants.

Oh look, a picture of Darren Scott trying to stamp on my foot. Whereas I was trying to recreate the video to Disco 2000... "Cha Cha Cha".

Some key points from last night:

Amazing chocolate cake with icing figures of the Reveal writers.

Boyband singing Happy Birthday. Classic.

Columnist Cocktails. The Fruity Feltz and Laurence-Lynchburg Llewelyn-Lemonade were particularly easy to drink.

Vanessa Feltz wandering around with an icing effigy of herself.

Balloons and Jodie Harsh DJing - it wouldn't be a party in London without them.

Accidentally pushing aside an Atomic Kitten to get to the bar. Running into Martine McCutcheon on the stairs.

Having to pap ourselves with boas infront of the Reveal logo.

Chasing Roderigo from BB and him being a jolly nice fellow and all round good egg, nicely accessorised with a Sophie.

Goody Bag full of chocolate, chick-lit and beauty products. We got home a little worse for wear and thought we'd put on a little bit of moisturiser before going to bed. Woke up and realised it was Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Intensive Hand Treatment. Oh well, we've done worse.

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