Bob Henderson

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance

Insert Gaga Pun Here: (GaGaing For It? That'll do.)

Well we've already mentioned it in the new issue of GT OUT NOW (or out tomorrow depending on how quick your local shelf stackers are) and we said it sounded like atleast three different songs, all brilliant. We were right.

0.22 "Roma-ma-ma-mah" reminds us of the Moloko track with a bit of shouting, Ramese! Colosus!

then the bass bits and 2009 synths kick in, and it's like all the best bits of Gaga. Hurrah

"I want your ugly, I want your disease" I want to beat your muffin, eat your cream cheese. God we should write these things. Actually, everything rhymes with Free, which is what she actually does. There's an amazing leather studded kiss, something we can *all* relate to.

The verse bits verge on a Basshunter synth effect, if you can get passed her yabbering. It's fair to say she wants a lot, but its mostly love she wants. Hence the whole writing a bad romance thing.

Just before the chorus there's a spoken wordy bit, which is classic GirlBand staple, before going all woah-woah-woah.

2.28 "Cos I'm a free bitch baby!": At this point in the song, you cannot doubt it's brilliance (aside the fact is sounds like every single she's done, which would only be a problem if they were shit. which they're not. lets skip the album tracks, yeah?)

WALK WALK FASHION BABY: it's another bit of song dumped in for free. Like finding a sachet of fake tan in a magazine you found at the dentists.

3.37 *the french bit* she sounds like she has a bit of a cold here. We can relate, we were up til 3am coughing, and only got a few hours sleep last night. Bet she smokes menthols.

And there you have it. The song that will get gay toes tapping for the next three months.

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