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We filled The London Dungeon with innuendo

The London Dungeon had a bit of a bash last night in anticipation of their Halloween spectacular. Didn't really expect to go out but by happy coincidence I was wearing a bat t-shirt, and as such was sucked into being an unwilling volunteer for a demonstration - the proof is above (what's up with my eye?).

They're doing something called The Scare Witch Trials, which is part guided walk, part ghost-train, part promenade theatre, and proper scary. There were a few young girls there, and their screams were nothing compared to ours. A particular pant wetter was the hanging, and all the bits that happened in the dark, which was most of them.

At the end of the walk, we were weighed by a monk (who knew his way round a dungeon, if you catch our drift) to see if we were witches - all of us were lighter than a bible and therefore Evil Incarnate.

Oh and of course, the goodie bag: Vamp teeth, fake blood, dismembered finger, mug - Halloween sorted. Incidentally we found a black velvet glove on the floor outside, which was used for re-enacting the Single Ladies routine in the pub. You'll have to check out page 16 of the November issue out on Weds to see what thats all about.

The Scare Witch Trials, 17 - 31 October, The London Dungeon, London Bridge,

Photo: Emma Gascoigne

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