Jamie Tabberer


Warning: epic hair-don't enclosed

CONFESS to us your festive season hell: out of control office parties, drunken New Year shame and Christmas cock-ups (sexy or OTHERWISE – the word cock has multiple meanings you know)…

We want to hear them all. Nothing’s too mundane – got a crazy auntie who looks a bit like this bird that you’re forced to spend the festive season with? Tell us all about her.

On a slight tangent, this amazing shot comes courtesy of the BEST BLOG EVER:

Ping your confessions over to for a chance to see your name grace the pages of GT’s December issue.

Oh, and FYI - we will reward our ten favourite confessors with Christmas wishes of good health, and, erm, good sex (basically, we've got ten copies of Gay Sex, Gay Health by Dr Alex Vass to give away). Perhaps the word cock has only one meaning after all. On a slight tangent, the chapter dedicated to that word in Dr Vass's book is a whopping ten pages long!

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