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Reasons to get up in the morning No 372

It’s been a week of theatre so far at Gay Towers.

And no we don’t mean office drama, we’re talking West End dahling!

On Monday we schmoozed and boozed at the aftershow for John Barrowman in La Cage aux Folles (marvelous, go and see it) then on Tuesday we inappropriately ogled hot male prisoners in The Shawshank Redemption (marvelous, go and see it) but today – oh today was summat else.

Because we know a few of you might be interested, we dragged our sorry hungover selves out of bed to attend the launch of Love Never Dies.

Yes, The Phantom Of The Opera 2.

And oh my, what an event it was. Held at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, people came from all over the WORLD to cover the event. Yes, faithful reader, we wished we’d put a little more thought into our outfit and realised just how massive this actually was, especially given that they were filming the whole thing.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber – we shouldn’t need to tell you that he composed both the original Phantom and it’s sequel – was on hand to talk about the project which is set 10 years on and sees the Phantom lording it over the freaks of Coney Island. Yes, the action’s moved from France to America but the Phantom is still pining for his one true love…
Ramin Karimloo – who currently plays the masked singer – will move to the new show when it opens at The Aldephi Theatre in March 2010. It’s also going to open simultaneously across the globe should you happen to be out of the country. No excuses.

There was a grand waltz, performed to stock footage of Coney Island, which was suitably eerie, and then a number from the show.

And then we were cruelly deposited back in the real world, forced to wait five months to see the show.

That said, we did get a rather nifty goody bag with some items we’re sure will make sense in due course.

Still hungover, if you’re wondering. Hungover and humming show tunes.

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