Sneaky Sound System (it's a band)

are being splashed across Tabloid (it's a club)

As the nights grow colder and darker and the television gets crapper and crapper, we thought we’d find something fresh and exciting to do on a Saturday night. We didn’t have to look far.

The hot-off-the-press Tabloid Goes To Hollywood is running another memorable night of groundbreaking music, mind-blowing visuals and world class names that are sure to cement Tabloid’s reputation as one of the most exciting club nights in London.

Held at Vauxhall’s Fire club, their latest night on Saturday 17th October feautures Australian superstars Sneaky Sound System in their final gig of 2009. They’ll not only be churning out a fabulous DJ-set, but they’ll also be treating us lucky Brits to a live performance of their own genre-bending music, which despite being absolutely huge in their home country, has somehow managed to slip under the radar here in the UK.

Back home, Miss Connie, Black Angus and MC Double D have enjoyed a chart topping album (their most recent release, 2), their own legendary club nights (Sneaky Sundays), and the record for the longest charting single in Australian history (the amazing I Love It - which hung around for 73 weeks).

Those pesky Australians aren’t the only reasons to turn up, though. Other acts to look forward to include DJ’s Jon Byrne, Nick Tcherniak, Jamie Head and the Sharp Boys. Those of you who went to August’s Brighton Pride may rememeber the afformentioned Jon Byrne from his well-received set there, and he’s sure to win even more new fans when he makes his Fire debut.

Sneaky Sound System headline Tabloid Goes To Hollywood at Vauxhall’s Fire on October 17th.

Words: David Swinburn

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