Bob Henderson

Found In The Ground

At Riverside Studios

Now, I’ve got quite masochistic tastes in theatre. From 9 hour trilogies to an obsession with Forced Entertainment (whose last play at Riverside Studios was essentially a long monologue about what would’ve happened on stage but never did) I can usually stomach a “challenging” play. But I was severely challenged by this, and readers, I can’t honestly say it was worth it.

Two things I liked though, the really weird stuff that was not trying to be naturalistic or important; the deathly figure of ghostly victims, who took elocution lessons from Russel Brand, and the nameless hat wearing walking breasts, who claimed to be ALL THE ANNE FRANKS! In an increasingly absurd list of things she was, my favourite was INTERIOR DESIGN CONSULTANT. I laughed. There is nothing to laugh about with this play, despite it’s attempts at humour, largely reliant on snobbish jokes about authors no one has read “Ha ha, I haven’t read him either! How funny!”.

By the end, though it should have been my intellect was stretched into finding new ways of seeing the world and finding meaning, it was actually just my neck that hurt. Which is a masochistic pain that really does nothing for me.

Found In The Ground is at London Riverside Studios until Sun 10 October 2009
Box Office: 020 8237 1111,

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