One to watch: Elouise

Manchester's most glamourous girl makes good

David Swinburn

While you can’t go wrong with a bit of Lady Gaga, we fancied a change from the overproduced, electronic nonsense that’s being churned out left, right and centre these days. Thank God we found Elouise.

The bubbly Mancunian beauty is hoping to kick off something of a resurgence in glamourous pop, ditching the in-your-face filth of Gaga and Co. for a classier and more timeless sound. But while her influences range from Dame Shirley to the late, great Dusty Springfield, Elouise isn’t some karaoke singer destined to belt out camp classics (although she does do that rather well too). Instead, Elouise has been working with the cream of UK music talent to create a sound that looks forward as well as back. She’s been working closely with pop legend Steve Anderson, Kylie’s right hand man and the co-writer of the classic Confide In Me, on her debut album, due next year. It’s also set to include collaborations with Terry Ronald, another purveyor of fine pop who has worked with the likes of Girls Aloud and The Saturdays. You may also have spotted his cheeky grin on the X-Factor a few years ago when he helped the lovely Dannii select her finalists for the show.

That’s all well and good, you might say, but is the music actually any good?

In a word - yes.

Elouise is taking her time to perfect her craft, working on original material while entertaining the (sell-out) crowds with her gutsy interpretations of camp soul classics. But it’s her own stuff that we’re most excited about. Her track Another Day has rather impressively attracted that ever-elusive US radio play, and the Terry Ronald collaboration Pretender sounds like Cilla Black (post-vocal-coaching) dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. We’ve also heard through the proverbial grapevine that she’s got numerous US producers wanting to work with her, and some very exciting ideas up her sequin-clad-sleeve.

We joined Elouise for a little chinwag in Hoxton’s uber-cool Breakfast Club, and when we weren’t being distracted by the super-cute waiter or Fraggle Rock wallpaper, we were busy being bowled over by the dynamo of a diva sat in front of us. Spilling with tales of industry scandals and famous friends, it’s clear that Elouise has been around the block enough to know how the music business works. She’s disenchanted with the current crop of deja vu divas like Gaga and La Roux, says she’d never get through the X-Factor, and moved to London from her Manchester home years back in a desperate bid to live the dream.

As talented as she is determined, if anyone can bring back big, melodic pop songs of yesteryear, Elouise can.

Elouise plays the next Popshow at Madame Jo Jo’s in Soho’s Brewer St. on Monday 5th October. The show starts 8.30.

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