Last night we hit the unique, throbbing and tranny-trashed private view/performance party for Beautiful Freaks at the Dalston Superstore. Your average private view involves people in a minimal white gallery scraping paintings with their Millets laptop bags in a desperate bid to get the last glass of free wine. Matt Miles reports that Beautiful Freaks pissed all over that for more than five reasons:

1) It was the premiere of Ralf Obergfell's excellent, disco-drama photography. The portraits feature London tranny icons, wearing clothes and alcohol in ways nature never intended at parties like Gutterslut, Trailer Trash, Gay Bingo and Horse Meat Disco.

2) Tony Hornecker took a break from making human-sized dolls-houses for pop-stars (or something) to transform the top bar with Wonka-esque glass performance boxes and towers. Deep down inside, the basement resembled a cross between a Rio favela and a dangerously neglected stud farm.

3) The freaks in the photographs were performing on, in and against the installation. That meant stranger than ever appearances from Jonny Woo, Ryan Styles, A Man To Pet, Miss Transforma, Pia, Alex Collins – plus a Cocky Lad in Speedos stroking his cock in a box and the Unhappy Sailor, hanging by the neck in a grimly green-lit shed with a conveniently placed fake tree.

4) Per QX created a throbbing, sex-slow Berlin techno soundtrack.

5) London’s first tranny toilet was unveiled by John Sizzle. Yes, it’s a bit like disabled toilet only for trannies – which means that, instead of an emergency cord, the ceiling is festooned with hanging accessories in case a girl has one of those ‘too much is never enough moments.’ Oh, and if you need to wee you have to sit inside the biggest skirt in the world. No kidding. It’s a tent within a tranny toilet.

More! There was a sci-fi sushi buffet*Boombox star-turned-hit boutique mistress Jeanette did the door duties*We couldn’t injure the photographs in our desperation to get to the free bar because they were cleverly placed high up, and mounted on sheet metal.

Beautiful Freaks is at Dalston Superstore until end of October.
117 Kingsland High Street, London E8.

Curated by Alex Noble , Tony Hornecker, Ralf Obergfell

Words and Image Matt Miles

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