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HOLIDAY! CELEBRATE! *Repeat until dead*

To ‘celebrate’ the release of Madge’s new single and album ‘Celebrate’ (see what we did there? Oh, you did. Sorry) we’re gonna give you lucky boys some Madge-related bits and pieces. First of all, this picture of the legend herself from the 80s, in which she gives astonishingly good neck. Print it off and stick it on your bedroom wall.

And now for the important stuff: do you want to be the proud owner of an Exclusive Madonna Promo Box Set (you can’t get this bad boy in the shops either, all you Madonna fanatics who are too rich to bother entering a competition)? It’s got the album, the DVD and Madonna-only-knows what else (we might start replacing her name with the word 'God' all the time actually) in it. What's that? You would? Then email your name and address with Madonna Comp in the subject line to NOW.

Five runners up will also receive a copy of Celebration on CD and DVD.

Closing date: 25 November

Celebration – The Definitive Greatest Hits is out 28 September. We’re so excited; we might even take the day off work.

*But Madge, on a slight tangent, while you may have pulled off the black roots and eyebrows look yourself back then, nobody else – not even the doll version of you from that era – manages to. Thus, you are responsible for the droves of girls who rock the same look in the present day, and fail miserably. Just thought you should know.*

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