Bob Henderson

Mika's Album Launch Party


We could bang on about how amazing the Mika launch party was last night, but frankly everyone in the office is sick of hearing about it. Although while we're all here, lets run through a few flashbacks, including;

Mika correcting us on calling our own magazine "Gay Times" when "It's GT now".

Singing Help The Aged by Pulp and emptying the room.

Sir Ian McKellan was there.

Loads of trannies and bad outfits (check out the one on the left)

Stepping over Kathy Burke to have a cigarette

Anthony Cotton dropping a glass in the smoking area out back, including a bin full of 10p stale baguettes

Mini Viva had to go home early because they had "singing in the morning".

Stalking Stine Bramsen and getting in a taxi with alphabeat to go to Bungalow 8

Stealing loads of big silver balloons. And cake.

Lil Anders popping one of our balloons and telling us to behave

No one dancing in Bungalow 8 in except us and Alphabeat, going mental to Common People

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