Bob Henderson

Mamma Hypothermia!

Cold Times watching Kylie in Hyde Park last night.

We're just gonna wang up our collective Twitter highlights from Radio 2's Thank You For The Music… A Celebration Of The Music Of Abba.

At the ABBA gig. Lulu's in a weave

Bloody hell, this kylie abba gig is starting with paul o grady doing his dead pets slot.

Chris evans has managed to usurp all expectations of annoyingness. Fuck its lulu :(

Ive mocked but now i quite fancy a feather boa to keep me warm

Mamma Hyperthermia

I saw myself as a consealed attraction

VV brown. You need more than sequins to outshine your backing choir. Chris please shut up

Oops. Missed spiteri whilst pissing

What is this shit fiddle music? What, because he was in ABBA we now have to listen to this

Oh my god stop the fiddling. *chip break*

Not being funny but it was a hellova lot busier for blur

Chaka khan you're just making the words and melody up. Top 5 abba song, winner takes it all

Oh Chaka. I mean, I should be at a sex party and now THIS

Please, everyone, watch out for Chaka Khan's ABBA cover on YouTube tomorrow. Oh my.

Kylie- quote one gay 'literally jizz in my pants'

In the quebec and its full of tim rice lookalikes

"Play some fucking ABBA!" #ina70sgaybar

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