The voice is whacked!

and we spy a photoshop disaster

Whitney Houston’s new album is inexplicably arriving in the UK on October 19, much later than the rest of the western world who were able to pick up a copy of I Look To You from September 1.
When copies arrived in the office, our eyes fell to the shot of Houston from the back cover where it looked like photoshop had perhaps been incorporated to ‘beef’ up Houston’s appearance (compare to how she looks on the albums front cover). Perhaps this was done to highlight how much healthier she looks now then when she performed at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in 2001.

The album is a strong collection of solid songs, but Houston does not once attempt her trademark belting. Could it be some of Houston’s past recreational habits have made this an impossibility? Or is she hoping for critical applause for her ‘restrained’ vocal-delivery?

In the months leading up to the release of the new LP some of the album’s writers have uploaded their own versions of the songs they wrote for her on to youtube. Disappointing both R Kelly’s performance of title track I Look To You and Johnta Austin’s rendition of Call You Tonight are both significantly more impressive than Houston’s!
Since when has a man been able to out sing Whitney? Not Good!

Meanwhile Mariah Carey’s cover of Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is is out their for all to hear…thoughts?
While it might not be the most inspired interpretation she has ever attempted, it can’t be denied that her voice sounds more robust then it has in a good decade or so. Let’s see if she can replicate this in her live performances.

Words: Oliver Hall

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