Bob Henderson

Bell Orchestre

Instrumental band. Features members of Arcade Fire. Played last night.

La-di-dah, "Access All Areas". Got us front row seats of the merchandise stall. Get in.

Bell Orchestre, if you were paying attention to the reductive and lazy introduction on the front page, are an instrumental band featuring members of Arcade Fire (i.e.CANADIANS) who played a gig last night, at the Relentless Garage. Formerly, The Garage, my god does it scrub up well. We've got hazy memories of the glory days of Club Motherfucker which was dingerama, now they've upped the swank and turned it into a proper middle-aged-music-lover's gig venue. That is not a diss, the sound system is fantastic.

Which is a necessity if you're in a band playing 14 odd different instruments, cherry picking the best bits of a brass section, a double bass, violin, lap steel guitar and several other things we couldn't name even with the help of wikipedia.

There were odd moments where you'd get a flash of Enigma, or Vanessa Mae meets stomp, but then out of nowhere a big fuck-off bond theme (in grandeur not sound) would appear, or a delicate bout of harmonics. Just when you thought you could pin a label on them they careered off in a totally different direction. The only thing we could settle on was the generic and non-descriptive "Orchestral Indie".

There's something of a deluge of incredible orchestral indie bands in Canada, apparent it's down to the fact that they have well funded music colleges, with a surplus of super-talented classical musicians who can't get work. So they end up in indie bands. UK - Sort it out.

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