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We stole a blue car today

Except it wasn’t today, it was the other day but we’ve just been TOO BUSY making an amazing issue to blog about it.

We popped along to the Waldorf Hilton for the aftershow of Alan Cumming’s West End gig I Bought A Blue Car Today (you can read the review in the new GT, you don’t get everything for free you know).

Alan Cumming was there (obviously) and so was Sir Ian McKellen. It was one in, one out at the toilet and one of the gays thought it would be funny when Dame Ian came out to say “you shall not pass.” We bet he never hears that.

So anyway… There were little blue cars on all the tables and we stole one. Not that we need any more crap on our desks, that’s for sure.

It went on quite late, a lot of champagne and canapés were consumed and then we got a phonecall from hip and trendy designer Random Bangle (again, buy the magazine).

“You coming to Trannyshack?”

“No, I’m at the Waldorf.”

“What the fuck are you doing there?”

“I’m at a party with Alan Cumming and Ian McKellen.”


And he’s right, it is.

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