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Wizard's sleeve


(We’re going to keep starting blogs with that, just so that you know what to expect). We got up quite early on a SUNDAY for an actual WORK thing.

Truth be told we just wanted to gaze at the sheer hotness of Colin Morgan and Bradley James from Merlin, and both of them were attending a preview screening of the first episode of series two.

So off we toddled to the BFI Southbank (that’s in London, FYI) for a slightly more tame launch than last year. Some of you might remember the lavish party that was thrown for members of the press in 2008 to herald the arrival of the BBC fantasy drama. The one that supposedly cost £45,000. The one that was held at the OXO Tower.

Well we were there and let us tell you – one of the best nights EVER. We got pissed on the balcony and smoked fags with Eve Myles. AMAZING.

Anyway, obviously trying to keep it all very licence fee payer friendly this year, this was an entirely free event. You hear that Daily Mail? ENTIRELY FREE.

It also meant that there were a lot of kids around, but you can’t have everything. Actually, you can. We made light work of the free shit that was supposed to be for kids and had our photo taken pretending to kiss Merlin.

So errr, yeah. The episode is great. Arthur writhes around topless in his bed shouting out Merlin’s name. There’s a few close-up topless shots.

Oh, and Mackenzie Crook is in it and strange beasts attack the castle. All in all it’s very good indeed. Tune in to BBC One on Saturday in a couple of weeks.

And if anyone wants a promotional Merlin postcard, email, we took loads.

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