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Robbie Williams Album Playback

A track by track analysis

Apparently we always start these blogs with 'So...'.


LAST NIGHT we were at the official Robbie Williams album playback shindig. It was a high concept affair for Reality Killed The Video Star, being set in a TV studio, cameras pointed on every sofa and screens everywhere showing the output of said cameras. There was, predictably, booze involved and possibly followed up by late night drinking, dancing and crashing on sofas, but we couldn’t possibly say. But we can translate our track by track notes: (we would’ve tape recorded the whole thing and put it up online in piss poor quality but we were almost strip searched on the door and had a hand held metal detector run over us, so couldn’t bring in our recording equipment. Joke.)

1. Morning Sun. Epic. Like My Life Story with a budget.
2. Bodies. The first single. *pops to the toilet, grabs pen and paper*
3. You Know Me Grease soundtrack, doo woop she wop, heartbreak. Like VV Brown with a budget.
4. Blasphemy self deprecating lyric alert: “No Singles Just Fillers” it almost sounded like a Sondheim number, but ended up more like something off Spring Awakening
5. Do You Mind Glam rock intro, totally T-Rex, until the chorus. Heavy on the ooh ooh oohs, which is f-f-f-fine by us.
6. Last Days Of Disco Thank the lord, theres a track on here for the gays to love. self deprecating lyric alert “Don’t call it a comeback”. Scary Deep Voice. Like the magnetic fields/fischerspooner with a budget
7. Somewhere Dramatic string stabs, another musical sounding number
8. Deceptacon “floaty” our attention waned somewhat and we started writing notes to someone from Attitude sat next to us. We wrote “IT’S NOT A LE TIGRE COVER :(“ followed by “THE NEXT ONE SHOULD BE A 3OH!3 COVER, IF YOU CARED”
9. Starstruck Oooh, interesting. Sounded like Lets Go Outside by George Micheal mixed in with Jamiroquai This Boogie Is For Real and a bit of Goldfrapp circa Felt Mountain…
10. Difficult For Weirdos Great title, great song, as exciting as Last Days Of Disco in terms of PSB-ness, there’s some Eurythmics strings in there and a brush with gender politics “he is a lesbian but that’s okay” Gee, thanks Robbie. I’ve written the word “Psychoevolution”.
11. Superblind Annoyingly ruined by some cock rock guitars, otherwise it’s a surprising song with brilliant bits full of weird chord changes, then it drowns itself in epic strings.
12. Won’t Do That “my swiss army wife” Ouch. Like a Britpop band with a budget, or The Feeling. Big Chorus,Key Change, Confetti Cannon moment. It’s an X Factor Song.
13. Morning Sun Reprise Harmonicas. Boo Hoo.

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