Bob Henderson

3oh!3 at the Islington Acadameeeeeee.

totally down with the kids

Oh god, I felt SO OLD last night. I'm twenty six. I shouldn't feel like this, but I was stood at the back with all the dads watching the kids go crazy for 3oh!3. And they really went crazy, half the room bouncing up and down and doing that things with their hands.

Their band name is handily a hand signal too, which I hadn't worked it out until I saw their besotted army of fans, but basically, put your two index fingers together joined just by the tip, do the same with your thumbs to form an O. geddit? Oh!. you've then got three fingers either side.

Music wise they're a mix of Beastie Boys, drum'n'bass and straight up rock pop that could easily sit on a Kelly Clarkson record. Or Katy Perry one, who they've toured with got guesting on their latest single Starstrukk. It's out on 9 November and you can check out their myspace here.

[nb we did try and take some pictures but with all that hand waving, jumping around, screaming, etc they came out blurred. seen more definition in a Rothko blurred. so thats why there's a shot of the ticket on a urinal....]

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