Darren Scott / Editor

To be Franc

We do like a song that has the word “bitch” in it.

So we merrily popped along to the Livvi Franc showcase in London’s homo Soho the other day to see the lady perform Now I’m That Bitch in actual person.

OK, the offer of a champagne reception might have had something to do with it as well. There were canapés too. If you’re ever at a London function, do come over and say hello, we’ll be stood by the kitchen.

Livvi’s great, you should all buy the music ETC but for us it was all about the backing dancers. Backing dancers at showcases usually look a bit too enthusiastic but also tend to have an air of “we’ve not had long to learn this routine” about them. So in many ways they detract from the main “turn”. Maybe record labels should have showcases for dancers for showcases and ask journalists to judge. Just a thought.

Anyway – what were we saying. Oh yes, on this particular occasion not only did we have the joy of paying close attention to the backing dancers dancing a bit like tranny robots but they’d also TOTALLY BELTED IT.

Totally belting it – for those that don’t watch Ugly Betty, and if that’s you we’re not speaking to you anymore – is a descriptive term for when you’ve totally belted it. Glad we’ve cleared that up for you.

Both dancers had amazing belts which we tried to capture on our infamous shit GayCam (see above) but failed. It’s the thought that counts reader, and by that time we weren’t thinking about you anymore but rather the fact that we’d had too many champagne cocktails.

Not only can a belt change your outfit, it can also change your OUTLOOK. You can have that one for free, take it away, use it.

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