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Gay Sunday at London Zoo is just around the corner

Clear you diaries, people: the fifth annual Gay Sunday at London Zoo will be taking place on 20 September.

That’s right, the British institution that is London Zoo is once again partnering up with Gay Times (not to mention our gay siblings, Diva magazine and Pink for round five of what has surely become one of the highlights of the British gay calendar.

It’s a significant date on the zoo’s calendar, too: it’s not every day the people at ZSL grant the public the opportunity to get as up close and personal with the animals (hippos, lions and some bad ass giant Galapagos tortoises, to name but a few) as they do on Gay Sunday.

And neither is it every day that a gay can venture out for an educational day trip that involves feeding penguins AND stealing a quick kiss from his significant other without threat of inciting some anger from a homophobic bigot - but the guests at Gay Sunday will be as queer-friendly (or, simply, as queer) as they come. Although we don’t trust those mean-looking gorillas as far as we can throw them.

Now, while we can’t promise that the zebras will be donning drag attire, we can guarantee gay themed fun and frolics by the bucket load: don’t miss the London Gay Symphonic Wind Orchestra who’ll be performing for your enjoyment, keep your eyes peeled for stilt walkers and community stalls, and be sure to enjoy a burger and a cocktail (a genius combination) at the lunchtime barbeque on the Pink Picnic Lawn (amazing – we've on of those here at GT Towers. It's also known as Hampstead Heath).

The zoo opens at 10am, with the gay festivities starting at noon. For a 20% discounts on pre-purchased tickets, click here

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