The Naked Rabbit Project

A hot naked Frenchman in a mask

Sylvain Norget – model, photographer, interior designer, and now, naked rabbit! If you cast your mind back to our August issue: Go Topless, you would have seen this lapin crazed, and really quite sexy Frenchman before. If you have a really good memory, good news! His book is out and ready to be eagerly thumbed through.

What’s particularly interesting about Norget however is that he isn’t some kind of crazy with a sexual fixation toward the poor little fluffy animals. He’s actually terrified of them. Suffering from leporiphobia (bunny-phobia), instead of cacking his pants when he stumbled across an orange rabbit mask one day, he took the proverbial rabbit by the ears and used it to combat his paralysing fear.

Ok, some of you might be saying. Scared of rabbits, surely that’s taking gay to a new level? Then stop right there! Have you ever seen Donnie Darko? Have you seen the new Paulo Nutini music video for Coming Up Easy? There is definitely something eerie about the creatures. Also, those albino ones with their freakish red eyes…I don’t care what you say: they’re proper weird.

Anyway, Norget has produced a 160-page collection of over 180 pictures, all self portraits, of himself, naked, and with his rabbit mask on: all in different positions and places with a lot of flesh on show. So even if you’re not particularly arty, and the intriguing journey of a photographers struggle to overcome his phobia doesn’t interest you, then there’s enough stuff there to ogle at for sure. Don’t you worry.

By the looks of the press shots we were sent anyway, I’m sure he won’t mind if you buy his book just because he’s got a fit bod. The guy obviously loves to get naked. I don’t think anyone’s objecting either.

Find out more or buy the book from and search TNRP

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this is too hot to handle!

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02/09/2009 16:43:42