No Business Like Show Business

In t-shirt form!

The graphic novel has always been popular with us homosexuals. There’s something pant-stirringly fascinating about the fictional world of big beefy men, head to toe in Lycra and sporting ridiculously massive bulges that make your eyes water just thinking about them.

So when we were informed of a special edition tee, embossed with one of renowned gay men’s magazine illustrator, Ronaldo Wright’s specifically designed prints. We thought it would be good of us to share.

No Business Like Show Business, the name of said image, is indeed pretty pant stirring. He might not be wearing any Lycra, but that seems less crucial as the design depicts several, undoubtedly male hands ripping off his clothes, leaving the fictional Adonis in a state of shear sexual ecstasy. Also, you can clearly see his perfectly shaped, crease free balls. Tasty.

Wright has especially designed this tee for an Art and Fashion project by Coco Career, a London based online boutique, conceived by the internationally exhibiting artist, Verena Paloma Jabs. The shop itself was set up as a hybrid platform for fashion, music, art and design. Definitely worth checking out if you’re more inclined toward the bohemian scene.

Even if you’re not, then this tee is cool. We’re sure you don’t need any more excuses to buy clothes, especially seeing as what’s on the front of it. It’s also available in fitted women’s sizes so you can dress up your friends too!

Check out the new tee at

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