Fro Yo Mo

Don't worry, it's not rude.

Frozen yogurt - it’s massive in the US. Now with SNOG frozen yogurt in London’s very own Soho, it seems the craze might be hitting the shores of good old Blighty. Wait a minute, there seems to be someone else heading up the frozen path, and blow me down, they’re hot!

FRAE is a completely 100% fat-free frozen yogurt treat, but unlike SNOG, it is made from only four, completely natural, ingredients. No fat, no powdery shite and no artificial sweeteners. Also, the two Scottish boys, who met at Law school but decided to pursue a (slightly) different career by setting up FRAE, are without a doubt worth going to have a look at even if you’re completely lactose intolerant.

The most important thing about this little place however, is that the frozen yogurt is bloody delicious. With 18 toppings to choose, ranging from Oreo cookies to Goji berries (apparently there’s more protein in them than a whole steak) you’ll be spoiled for choice.

You can also have either plain frozen yogurt, which has that gorgeous natural tartness to it, or you can have the green tea variety. And yes! It does taste like green tea! Ask one of them to chuck on some strawberries, raspberries and a blueberry or two, and you’ll literally have the perfect hangover cure sitting in your hand.

The interior décor is pretty swish, it still has some way to go to rival the fantastic light show inside of the American owned SNOG, but it’s getting there. According to FRAE, the inspiration came from a New York style apartment, with a little bit of colour thrown in for good measure. And! They have their own set of snazzy lights too. It must be a new trend.

Ok, the place itself isn’t very large, but they haven’t been open long. That said, business is booming. On the weekends there’s people queuing out onto the road to get their hands on some fro yo, and because the place stays open until 12am, at night it’s a miniature student hub. Each tucking into their own personalised frozen goodness, whilst talking about music and other such things that young people do.

So if you’re a one for a nice little treat now and again, but don’t want to start winging like a bitch or bring a lunchbox of carrots to work because you feel too guilty for devouring a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Then I seriously recommend FRAE.

One more thing, don’t try to be smart and put a Muller Fruit Corner into the freezer. Trust me, it won’t work.

Visit FRAE at 27 Camden Passage, Islington, London, N1.

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