Bob Henderson

Larry Tee protégés rocked the cargo

with playschool strap-ons and glittery tits

First things first, we went to a screening of The September Issue. The screening itself was a meta-theatrical production reflecting power struggles in the media - passive aggressive huffing and seating carnage before Wintour even popped up onscreen. That is the kind on anticipation this film has clocked up, and it serves as a fantastic, self-indulgence for anyone with a voyeuristic interest into the inner workings of a magazine.

Then popped along to see Larry Tee's latest upstarts at Cargo. It wasn't rammed, but there were some lovely creche like activities on offer - see the above and aforementioned d-i-y strap on, which lay among glamourous assistants who could tuck you into some fake breasts.

So it was Larry Tee lording up over the night and was cheering on the main band IGNUG, who come from Denmark, having sold their souls to live the dream in East London. They've nailed the look, and produce pulsating electro, with a lead vocal that gives a little nod to Prince, and a punky pout here and there.

Also, loving Cargo for furthering my analogue photography fetish, they've had a photoautomat installed. A black and white photobooth that takes four separate pictures, the kind you can find dotted around Berlin. If you know anywhere else that has non-digital photobooths, please email me...

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