Jamie Tabberer

We were at the Arctic Monkeys gig last night

And we're sorry to be a complete gays about it, but…

…Alexa Chung was looking SO thin when we almost collided with her outside the O2 Brixton Academy.

The fashionista looked tired, spaced out and very, very hungry having reportedly jetted over from America especially for the Arctic Monkeys' blistering show (more details of which we’ll divulge in a review for our October issue. We don’t want to give away the best bits, hence why we’re focusing on Alexa for this blog – oh, who are we kidding, she's fascinating alien-style in her own right anyway).

She didn’t look bad you understand – her outfit was bangin’ and there’s no denying her unique beauty – but dayum. Have a Snickers on us, Lexy. We're only saying it because we care. It's all getting a bit Heat in here isn't it?

We spied the MTV presenter and girlfriend of lead Monkey Alex Turner (who himself was looking mighty fine – loving the shaggy hair thing you’ve got going on Al) struggling to balance in a ridiculously uncomfortable looking pair of shoes, while stealing a quick cigarette during one of the Monkeys’ less good songs (don't tell Alex).

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