Popstarz have a super special live guest performance!

Can you guess? Who? Guess? Who? (it's Mika)

Mika, gosh, isn't he just so golden at the moment. According to him, we all are, but I beg to differ. The strange man who spits at people on the way to work is more on the lines of musty brown. Not that he isn't beautiful inside of course, it's just harder to see the shine with some people.

With this Lebanese singer however, who's name oddly enough translates into plastic bag, it isn't as hard. If you've seen the video for his new song We Are Golden, there may as well be a big glittering halo shining above the half naked man as he prances and bounds across his kaleidoscopic bedroom.

Therefore, it's not hard to believe that when Mika graces the stage at Popstarz next month, hoards of gay men will be jumping with pop joy as he lets rip his astonishingly high, yet magnificent voice... can you tell I'm a fan?

Well if you are too, then tickets are only £10 in advance, so if you do fancy a bit of Mika then there's no excuse. Don't shit yourself in excitement just yet! At the wondrous Scala club, after the 45 minute set, you can toddle off and enjoy three rooms, of indie, pop or RnB! Wow, I know.

The last time Mika appeared at Popstarz he was number one in the charts with Grace Kelly. So be expecting to hear that tune, as well as others from his debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion, such as Love Today and Big Girl you are Beautiful.

But also! He will be performing the no doubt future-hit singles Blame it on the Girls, Rain and We Are Golden, from his new album The Boy Who Knew Too Much. What more could you ask for?

For all of you who are familiar with Popstarz then don't worry, the usual venue is indeed at The Den, but the night will only be moving over to the Scala for Mika's appearance.

Now, if you aren't a Mika fan, then I understand your reservations, but I reckon you should definitely give him a go. There's something magical about this guy. Remember: we are not what you think we are. We are GOLDEN. Innit.

Mika will be performing at Popstarz on 11 September 2009, at the Scala, Kings Cross, London. Tickets available at £10 in advance at Ghetto in Old Street, seven days a week, at Popstarz usual home The Den every Friday or at

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