Bob Henderson

So we were round Patrick Wolf's house yesterday

he styled us in his own clothes

Grace Jones, suck my left one.

Alright, we've been less embarrassed in our lives, but sometimes you just gotta roll with it. We popped round to Patricks gaff yesterday for a quick chat about fashion and the like, then got him and his boyfriend William to style us in one of his outfits. Just as he lunged at us with the horse riding head piece, he uttered the words "It's alright, we won't go Boy George on you".....

Right. Now all I have to do is try and get an interview with Sarah Beeny and Patrick together. Pat is OBSESSED - when he's not on tour, recording, watching Golden Girls boxsets or doing glamourous photoshoots (not like above) he's sat at home watching Property Ladder. Quoth wolf: "I watched it last night actually. I want to meet Sarah Beeny. She's my fashion inspiration, she's my lifestyle inspiration. I want Sarah Beeny to come round here and talk about it [his house]. I really really really want to meet her. Ive tried twittering her a few times, and then I twittered Kirstie Allsopp and she twitters about 500 a day..."


Photo: Patrick Wolf

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totally jealous!

Added by superandyrooo

27/08/2009 14:51:36