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My, what a big sack you have

GT’s sack was positively bulging today.

Among the hundreds of letters, parcels, marriage proposals and not-very-good-singles-by-Alexandra-Burke we received two copies of ‘Venice – Pure City’ (one for good, one to read obviously), two full sets of the new Torchwood novels (“Life’s too short for Torchwood novels,” a friend once said), two sets of Prisoner Cell Block H Volume Three, the Arctic Monkeys album and some sweets (already reviewed that one…).

Bob got a copy of Hardcore Til I Die Volume Two. Two! Who knew there was a Volume One. Anyway, Bob is hardcore. He’s practically cyber-pulling the hair of Paris Hilton’s BBF (see his blog here.)

Yesterday we got an actual doll that was used in the promo trailers for new BBC camparama Material Girl (more on that later, but her hair has already been braided).

Today, however, it’s all about women of a more mature age. Women that sing pop songs. Women, reader, that send you a FLAG.

Step up Bananarama. We love them, they love us, it’s a whole lot more love flying around than even our intern can take of an evening and that’s (really) saying something.

So there might well have been a little gay squeal when we opened our parcel from The Beautiful People At Fascination Records to see they’d sent us a bumper pack of Bananarama goodies. A tote bag, badges, postcards, a giant poster and – best of all – a Bananarama flag.

Or, as Bob described it, “an old woman flag.”

Said flag has now been raised over Bob’s desk (but out of reach – scissors were brandished).

Most upsetting of all was seeing, on our giant poster, all the lines on the girls’ faces. Oh hang on, it just got creased in the post.

Did we mention they have a single out? You can buy a whole load of Nana musical goodies for under a fiver here.

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This is the gayest post ever!

Added by superandyrooo

27/08/2009 14:52:05