Bob Henderson

GT writer takes on Sliimy in a curly quiff off

the French poplet wins

Look at that hair!

So yesterday we popped down to Soho to hear the Sliimy showcase and sweat it out. It was worth it, as his quiet charm worked over a handful of songs, backed only with a cute guitarist and a brief stint on the ole piana. One song was an endearing cover of Womanizer (and probably played no small part in being Perez Hilton's first signing) and our favourite was the one about being called gay and anorexic - it occurred to us that it's be ages that there has been a young gay musician who is completely relaxed with their sexuality, and rather than making an, err, song and dance about it, just sings about it. In the same way that he talks about not being Mr Muscle.

We've also spotted Sliimy all over town this month, but you'll have to wait for the new issue of GT to read our brand new Sliimy Watch column. Someone else we've been accidentally stalking is Paris Hilton's BBF, who was there yesterday and was "taking gay to a new level" (copyright Mark King). Aren't they doing a new series yet?

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