Bob Henderson

GT 25 Birthday Bash

Reached dizzying heights on Kensington Roof Garden last night.

We arrived at Kensington Roof Gardens after much trauma involving the circle line for GT’s 25 Birthday Party last night. Unfolding our printed off googlemap, we spotted an incredibly dapper and dashing Kristian Digby infront of us. Certain that he would be attending the Village Drinks shindig we just blindly followed him accidentally eavesdropping (he’d just eaten banoffee pie) and then realised we had no idea where we were. Had to flatten our map out to realise we’d walked right past the venue – when we found it Digby was infront of the queue and we’d started the evening off as amateur stalkers. Nice.

The venue was stunning, as befitting a roof garden, in Kensington. The well turned out guests and Village Drinks regulars mingled and networked away, and despite suggesting it to the GT boys, nobody else was up for a number collecting contest like they did on Ugly Betty.

Throughout the evening quite aggressive drag acts riled the crowd for claps, GT ed Tris gave a short speech noting the lack of Flamingos and there were several semi naked boys dotted around the venue, some in CK pants, some in thong-aprons and pearl necklaces.

The wiser members of the group went home at a sensible hour (i.e. the end), where others ended such a classy evening in g-a-y late, dancing to Katy Perry, La Roux, JLS and Kelly Clarkson. Because we’re worth it.

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