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We get around

The Gay Team well and truly got about last night.

First up was Calvin Harris’ album launch party at East Village in London’s trendy (and in no way pretentious) Hackney.

You might think it glamorous but we still have to queue. Admittedly it’s a smaller queue but there’s still a sigh of relief when you see your name there.

Sadly, dear reader, no free drinks for the likes of us. Not even a nibble actually, although there was plenty of totty. Even more sadly they all seemed quite straight.

So it was definitely a case of ‘sashay away’ as we left Deadmau5 and Calvin himself, DJing to a pretty packed crowd (ie a sauna). The Dolly Rockers and JLS were there but we were on a mission.

Round the corner was the fabulous Gold Dust at Hoxton Square Bar, where new Swedish popstar Erik Hassle – see our dodgy pic above – was performing (Frankmusik was headlining but we talk about him ALL the time…)

Hassle’s fabulous – more on him soon – but what’s more fabulous is one of The Gays spotting French popstrel (and Perez Hilton signing) Sliimy move across the room and literally firing after him like a rat up a shit chute.

We spoke to Sliimy. He hugged us. He giggled. He was drunk readers, DRUNK. We don’t encourage this sort of behaviour at ALL.

Except, of course, when we lusted after ALL of Alphabeat (even the lady) because they look extremely hot at the moment.

There might have been shots. There were definitely chips. And we still made it up in time for the X Factor press launch the next morning…

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