Bob Henderson

Walking In My Mind

Parcel tape, Wendy houses, Mr Blobby meets the White Stripes

So if you don’t know what to do of a Friday evening, The Hayward Gallery are open late and have a spectacular walk-around-and-gawp exhibition on called Walking In My Mind. And in our experience it’s rammed full of gays and cute gallery assistants. Win Win situation.

The best bits are the ones you get lost in, like an entire brain like tunnel room structure lined with brown parcel tape – by Friday evening we were a bit frazzled and verged on a panic attack, but you shouldn’t get lost in it. Loved the charred dead animals, Wendy house and winding corners of rope and keys and deep symbolism. The black string thing is pretty ace too.

There’s the iconic red and white polka dot pieces but we’ve seen so many reproductions of it, it feels like you’ve already done that bit. Nice to have a little rest outside though in this weather [warning: leaning is fine, but Do Not Sit On Them]

All of this description though is pretty futile, as it’s very much an exhibition of experience rather than passive viewing. So go. If you want some factual information about the artists, you’ll have to head here. You've got until 6 September, hurry.

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