Bob Henderson

Hot House launch drinks

Porn stars, booze, where else but Soho, right?

So despite being at the ungodly hour of 1pm on a SATURDAY. (Note for future events: gay journalists don’t “do” Saturdays. Only The Saturdays) we’d found ourselves soho bound and dropping by for a quick letch and some bubbly.
Ross, GT’s August cover star was there, as he’s been practically every cock related gig in London over the past few weeks. And he was still smiling, hawking his new office based porn flicks by Hot House, exclusively distributed by Millivres Prowler Group (MPG) in the UK. Kyle King was there too on his first visit to the UK (aww), with his wide-eyed tactile American cheeriness latching on to everyone in the room, despite a big belch before one arse-out picture opportunity.
The boys then went on to tour Soho, sign bits for fans, that kind of thing, before doing a dirty club performance – we had places to go, people to see, but judging by the grins they had on their faces all day, fun was had.

Head Hunters Inc and Head Hunters Two starring Ross Hurston is out now. King Size starring Kyle King will be released on 15 September.

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