Bob Henderson

Some euphoric eurotrash for that afternoon lull

y'know, just after lunch, not quite near enough to hometime...

Hello, BWO.

That's Bodies Without Organs - catchy, we know. They make uber-gay dancey-almostbutnotquite-trancey pop, masterminded by Alexander Bard (who if there was a Swedish Gay Media Mafia, would definitely rule the roost). Thats the video up there, have a click, have a listen. We dare you to fall asleep to it.

We were on the phone to him this week, and he's a right charmer. And when you get to the 2.15 mark, this comment from the Bard makes all the more sense:

"Marina is amazing, she’s my only fag hag. The thing about her is that she’s one of europes biggest art dealers and she plays synthesizers in BWO, its just a great mix. She refuses to sing, she will only speak on the records. She’s the Margaret Thatcher of pop."


We got a bit gushy: "OMGAlexander, we totally love it when in a BWO song Marina, like, comes in on the b-b-b-breakitdown bit and starts speak-talking, amaze, amaze"

Bard: "When we perform live, that’s when they gay guys start screaming."


Bard: "We have marina as a gay barometer. Like in Sweden we do shows to 15-20,000 people at a time and every time she goes out on stage we have her as the gaydar-meter, when she starts speaking – depending on how big the reaction is in the audience – we know exactly how many gays are in the audience".

Needless to say, we have a lot of love for BWO here at GT. check em out

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